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Abu Dhabi is the capital and second largest city of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).The emirate covers an area of 83,600 square kilometres (32,000 sq mi) which contains Abu Dhabi Island, Jebel Dhanna as well as numerous smaller islands.

Schools in Abu Dhabi are the best schools providing quality education along with extra curricular activities. The curriculum is unique, interesting and challenging having a blend of Islamic studies and western education

Education in Abu Dhabi has grown over the last decade, with many new schools being built in the wake of a rapidly expanding population. The city has seen great growth and development as it attracts trade and tourism, both internationally and regionally. 


Is education in Abu Dhabi good?

Abu Dhabi is known for its educational institutions. The country has many private and public schools that offer great education to the students. Whether it is an international school or a local one, the teachers are highly qualified and experienced. Schools in Abu Dhabi are run by the Ministry of Education and cater to expatriate students as well as nationals. Schools provide modern facilities, good teachers with expertise in their subjects, extra-curricular activities and school transport systems.

The education in Abu Dhabi is very good. There are many schools and universities that offer world-class education. It is the capital of UAE and the most developed city in UAE.

Schools in Abu Dhabi have been ranked among the best schools in the world. The school system consists of both public and private schools.The government has allocated a significant amount of resources to ensuring that every child in Abu Dhabi receives an excellent education, which is free from kindergarten through university level. 


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Curriculum in schools in Abu Dhabi

The curriculum followed by schools in Abu Dhabi is designed around the importance of fostering curious minds, enabling students to love learning and develop a deeper understanding of the world around them. Programming includes critical thinking, collaboration, and personal expression.

The curriculum includes a number of compulsory subjects, including Arabic Language, Islamic Studies, English Language, Mathematics and Science for all grades. In addition to these compulsory courses, students may opt for additional courses of their choice from the following list:


Are there good schools in Abu Dhabi?

There are many great schools in Abu Dhabi, with a variety of curricula available. Abu Dhabi has a good reputation for its schools, as it aims to become an educational hub for the region.

Many of the best schools in Abu Dhabi are international schools and many come with hostel facilities too.


How many schools are there in Abu Dhabi?

The number of schools in Abu Dhabi is increasing with the growing population. Currently, there are 127 accredited schools in Abu Dhabi.

There are multiple schools that offer a wide array of private and public education in Abu Dhabi.


Which are the top 10 schools in Abu Dhabi?

There’s nothing more important than choosing the best school for your child, especially in a new city.

Here is the list of top 10 schools in Abu Dhabi-

1- Aldar Academies, 2- American Community School, 3- Raha International School, 4- Al Yasmina Academy, 5-Al Bashair Private School, 6- Merryland International School, 7- Al Muna Academy, 8-British School of Khubairat, 9-The Model School, 10- Lycee Louis Massignon.


Author - Sakshi Padiyar