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schools in ajman

Ajman is the smallest of the seven emirates, but it is noted for its picturesque beauty and beautiful beaches. It is also a developing economy with diverse tourist attractions, including museums, beaches, forts, and retail malls.

Schools in Ajman have a variety of educational institutes that cater to the educational needs of students. These schools follow both international and UAE curricula, providing them with an opportunity to learn from an early age and hone their skills.


Is Education in Ajman good?

Education in Ajman is advantageous because it provides many opportunities and careers. The schools in Ajman offer high-quality education and provide a suitable environment for students to learn.

Schools in Ajman is a modern and innovative initiative that aims to provide all parents with access to the best education in the region, as well as ensure that educational roots are firmly established for children.

Another reason education in Ajman is advantageous is that many international schools and universities in the country offer quality education at affordable prices.


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Curriculum followed by schools in Ajman

The curriculum followed by schools in Ajman is prescribed by International Baccalaureate (IB), Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) curriculum. Under this curriculum, teachers teach the students various subjects, including English, Arabic, mathematics and science. The IB program is the most popular for students who wish to pursue higher education abroad as it offers a broad range of subjects that prepare students for university education. Moreover, the schools provide British Curriculum.


What is Ajman famous for?

Ajman is the smallest of the seven emirates, covering roughly 259 square kilometers (0.3 percent of the UAE's total territory, excluding the islands). Although Ajman is modern and offers modern services and facilities, it retains its traditional beauty. Ajman has a few sandy beaches, but the craggy Hajjar mountain range dominates the landscape. 

Education is the best way to improve yourself and these prestigious schools in Ajman provide high-quality, world-class education to students and help them achieve their goals. There are many reasons why one should choose schools in Ajman. With a very good teaching staff and administration, there is also excellent facilities for students in both the primary and secondary stage of education. As Ajman is one of the safest areas with no violent crime whatsoever, makes it ideal for families with children.

Author - Sakshi Padiyar